- Web Shop
 - Healthcare Services Platform
 - Document Workflow Suite
 - Cellphone Ordering System
 - Bank Automation System
 - Scada Monitoring Suite
 - EDC System
 - Online
Ordering System
 - Xplorex
 - Telecom Expense Management

Web Shop

Web shop software was created for our German customers. The features and operation of the web shop are similar to Intershop products. Our web shop can be used for e-commerce both by huge hypermarkets and by small stores.
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Healthcare Services Platform

Healthcare master services platform is a high-performance software system that integrates the healthcare benefits from multiple providers in a unified system; provides clear and easy access to the benefits for consumers, while facilitating sponsorship of these benefits by employers.
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Document Workflow Suite

This product is a complete mature and well-established product in document management market, which has been deployed and is being used by multiple offices in the health care and other industries. The product has been created as a pure UNIX system and grew over time to a mixed AIX / Windows solution.
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Cellphone Ordering System

A system for management and online ordering of mobile phones and accessories. The main purpose of the project was to allow customers place orders from mobile devices and track their completion.
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Bank Automation System

The Bank Automation System is one of our most successful projects which we take pride in. It was developed based on the research done in over 30 commercial banks in Europe. The system is certified by the National Bank of Ukraine (certificates SEP 0 - 00017, 00018 for model 0, and SEP 1 - 0007, 0008 for model 1).
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Scada Monitoring Suite

Scada was developed as a power plant monitoring suite. This system provides a complete set of tools for the operators of production site as far as control and monitoring of production facilities.
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The EDC System

The EDC System incorporates a complete set of software tools for distributed information interchange. EDC was designed for, and tested at, major government agencies and enterprises (Khartron and Monolith Corporations, Kharkov, Ukraine; Social Security Fund of Ukraine etc.), where document management is critical for company's success.
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Online Ordering System

An online product ordering system was developed for a major US-based food network. The purpose of this project was to create a consumer portal that restaurants could use for online sales and marketing interactions with their customers.
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Xplorex System

Xplorex is a multi-tier web-based system. It enables the service providers to offer their subscribers a feature-rich, self-managed e-commerce web site service supported by easy-to-use, non-technical administration system and publishing tools.
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Telecom Expense Management

Add-ins designed to enhance the performance and abilities of the Payment Management system were designed and developed. The main purpose of the project was to allow the system to process EDI invoices automatically, and to perform identification and data capture of scanned hard copies of invoices.
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