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Web Shop Software


Web shop software was created for our German customers. The features and operation of the web shop are similar to Intershop products. Our web shop can be used for e-commerce both by huge hypermarkets and by small stores.


This project was done for a German telecommunications company. Using the developed software, this company started to offer shopping cart enabled webhosting services, as well as to sell the software to third parties.

Product Features

Functionally, the shop is divided into two basic parts:

  • Customer module, a module that includes all functions accessible to a customer
  • Administrator module
Customer can:
  • Travel the tree of shop catalogs, select the goods and their quantity;
  • Search and select the needed goods using search system;
  • See detail information about a definite goods with enumeration of its features, description and image;
  • See his shopping cart at any time;
  • Become a steady customer of the shop;
  • Select a convenient mode and type of payment;
  • Select a convenient type of delivery;
  • See the information about the goods ordered during his previous visits to the shop;
  • See his balance
Administrator can:
  • Create departments and sub-departments of the shop;
  • Change names, descriptions, advertising information in departments;
  • Fill the catalogs with goods;
  • Search for goods by multiple criteria;
  • Search for customers;
  • Search for orders;
  • Display the information on locales (money unit etc.);
  • Display current currency exchange rates;
  • Get various statistics for goods turnaround, clients and orders.
Our model of web shop has a range of significant advantages over the similar software offered by other companies:
  • Maximum actions, checks and calculations are performed on client side. This considerably adds up to quick operation, enhances ergonomics, as the customer does not have to wait for response during 20 or 30 seconds).
  • We have created a convenient system of navigating the catalog tree. It is insight clear to customer, as it is implemented as a drop-down multilevel tree (also on client side)
  • Information about the selected goods and their quantity (shopping cart) is kept on client side. This means that customer can see his cart right at the spot, without sending a query to the server.
  • Customer can see detail information about several goods at a time
  • A concept of advertising information is implemented: for each department, there is information that will be presented to customer at his visit
  • Each goods can have a random number of features and specifications
  • Interface provides simultaneous communication in several languages, which can be important for countries like Canada (English, French)
  • Server side of the shop is implemented completely in Java (Servlets, JSP), which completely excludes server's dependence from operating system and DBMS used
  • The shop has module structure, which allows simple customization of the software by adding new functions and without changing the core of the system

Tools and Technologies

Platform: Windows, Linux
Application Server: Apache Tomcat, JBoss
Database: MySQL
Languages: Java (J2SE)
Effort: 30 man-months

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