The Company’s headquarters are located in Leiden, NL, with Database & Development Center in Kharkov, Ukraine. MBS-NL is your obvious choice for the worldwide intelligence solutions at any project! The Company is privately held, venture backed, and financially sound. The Business line of the Company is focused exclusively on software development, data processing and contact center services.


Our production facilities are located in Kharkov. Kharkov is a significant academic, scientific and industrial center situated in the north-east of Ukraine. With population of almost 2 million people, the city has 26 higher educational establishments and trains 40 thousand technical students that enables us to choose the best people and train them specifically for the project.

We are sure that the most important asset at any company is people, that is why we are proud of our professionals, high-skilled and well-educated. We do a lot for the employee satisfaction and corporate culture to improve the team work and increase winning results. Now the company employs about 100 people.

Our project managers in Leiden, NL have achieved Master's Degree in Software Engineering, Engineering or Linguistics. They work closely with the clients to build good relationships and create a good understanding on the specific clients’ demands through an individual attitude which help to run the project better. All of the team members have at least 3-year experience in the field and all the employees speak English quite fluently.

We have all the modern facilities that allow us to work on any project using our own equipment. We build solutions for the financial, medical, pharmaceutical, insurance, market research companies, educational establishments, technology industries, telecom expenses companies, industrial agencies, hi-tech manufacturing corporations, Internet-based systems, complex web portals and sites and many others.

Moreover, our continuing connection to the resources of world-class universities gives you access to the latest achievements in research and development - at no added cost.


We can guarantee the best quality of any service we provide there. More than that our aim is to help you achieve the best results, to make you win, that is why we deep into each project and run it in the way you need.


In our relationship with clients over time, we show a proven ability to adapt to clients' changing needs. As companies grow, requirements change, and we can respond quickly to evolve business demands.


We offer very competitive prices that help you to save about 40% on different costs with the same quality and speed. You also reduce your risk as there is no capital expenditure and you can stop the campaign anytime you want. We will help you to increase your income, margins and profits.


We understand that providing great customer care services for your company will benefit you in several ways. You will get intelligence solutions of your business needs quickly and  more than that save money on different marketing and production expenses.

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