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MBS-NL's Service Methodology:

Step 1: Getting Started

Both MBS-NL and your company look at all of the questions that are involved with taking your current application and moving to a service available via the web model. The transition will be viewed at from both business and technical aspects.

Step 1 answers the question 'does it make sense from a point of view of business efficiency to develop this service or not?' and if it does, what functionality will this service have?

Step 2: Service Architecture Definition

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Security and Confidentiality (customer care)

MBS-NL understands the security and confidentiality concerns of managers – you want to be certain that your information is kept secure, and none of your strategies will be revealed to anyone. We address these issues on several levels:


1) IP – You keep the intellectual property of all systems that MBS-NL develops for you
2) Jurisdiction – MBS-NL is incorporated in Leiden, NL, CA
3) Independence – MBS-NL has no investments in any hedge fund
4) References – MBS-NL can provide you with references from our partners and clients
5) Insurance – MBS-NL has general liability insurance


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Quality Assurance Methodology

Project leadership approach

MBS-NL assigns two leaders to its projects:

Project manager. Project manager is a technical leader of the project. He is responsible for the technical success of the project and makes sure everything gets delivered on time and with high quality.

Project coordinator. Project coordinator is responsible for all communication and documentation of the project. He is a single point of contact for all client communication issues – reporting, updates to requirements, status tracking and so on. Project coordinator acts as an advocate of the client's team to the development team and vice versa. Concept of a dedicated project coordinator is unique to MBS-NL and works extremely well in different projects.
MBS-NL’s project oversight committee, lead by senior management, monitors all project progress on a regular basis.


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Requirements management

For remotely implemented projects, it is essential that requirements are assessed, analyzed, and updated accurately and effectively. MBS-NL has an established requirements-assessment procedure to provide everything necessary. As part of the standard process, the Project Coordinator and Project Manager go from top to bottom, from understanding the client's business processes to creating workflow models of the software to be built and down to creating technical requirements for software as well as the process of QA for the data processed. Every step is documented and approved by the client along the way.

Requirements Change management

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