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Requirements management

Requirements management

For remotely implemented projects, it is essential that requirements are assessed, analyzed, and updated accurately and effectively. MBS-NL has an established requirements-assessment procedure in place. As part of the standard process, the Project Coordinator and Project Manager go from top to bottom, from understanding the client's business processes to creating workflow models of the software to be built and down to creating technical requirements for software. Every step is documented and approved by client along the way.

Requirements Change management

MBS-NL recognizes the need to accommodate requests to make functional or operational changes to the system. All requests for changes are usually submitted through the project coordinator. MBS-NL will review the proposed change, estimate its cost and upon reaching a a mutual agreement will schedule it for implementation. 

Change procedure standards

MBS-NL follows certain fundamental principles when making any change:

  • Making any change must not affect the integrity of the system
  • The system must be consistent, both in the working procedures (i.e. data entry, reporting, etc.) and user interface. Therefore, all changes must be done in alignment with existing system style
  • A change must be properly documented and change development must be planned and executed
  • A list of changes must be traceable
  • Software code repository must permit rolling back to any previous system version
  • Deploying an updated system should have minimal or no affect on the normal work cycle

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