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MBS-NL considers proper communication one of the keys to project success.  Therefore much attention will be paid to establishing communication procedures with the Customer.  In order to avoid ambiguities and double work we establish a single point of contact for each project.  Usually this is the project coordinator.  Of course this does not eliminate communication with other team members, but all important tasks and decisions will be communicated via the point of contact. 


MBS-NL provides the Customer with regular updates on the project progress, and if required, the personnel’s timesheets.  Also we hold regular online meetings with the customer where we discuss the pace of the project and different issues arising during its implementation.

Document sharing and management

All project documentation is maintained in a centralized repository accessible to the client.   The type and the location of the repository is discussed with the client at early stages of the project.  Usually this is a CVN repository located on a MBS-NL server.

1) We have regular online conferences to discuss everyday routine and to respond to different issues in a timely manner.

2) We encourage visits of the client’s staff to ensure better communication and provide necessary training.

3) Day-to-day communication is provided via Email (24 hours feedback guaranteed), instant messaging software (ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, Skype), scheduled voice-enabled conferencing (NetMeeting).
On agreed stages of work our project manager and / or required developers (operators) can match client work hours, even in case of 11-12 hours of time difference.

4) Training sessions are usually provided online by means of WebEx (, GoToMeeting (, IM conferences  etc.

5) We inform our clients about any issues that may occur using such services as GoToAssist (, ServiceNOW™ Maintenance Programs, ServiceNOW™ Communication Manager, Squish (  etc.

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