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The MBS-NL Concept

Most people in Western Europe nowadays recognize the vast potential of East-European resources: a huge reservoir of advanced technology and business experience, with a highly educated, strongly motivated, and western-oriented population working within a fledgling economy resulting in bargain-basement international prices.
The question was, "why is this tremendously valuable resource so under-utilized by Western-European business?"


Our research showed that this one factor, lack of clear and complete instructions, is considered root cause for refusing taking steps to establish international partnership to fulfill offshoring projects.

On the other hand, almost every owner or high-level manager of any company was thinking over the opportunity to outsource some of the company’s projects: partly because of lack of highly-qualified and experienced specialists, partly because of financial attractiveness of such partnership.

Out of this analysis, the MBS-NL concept was formed:

1. A Dutch company to work directly with Dutch clients, while managing offshore operations transparently to the client.
2. Working arrangements with, and partial ownership of, a variety of experienced offshore vendors, to provide a wide suite of services and sufficient resources to accommodate fluctuating demands.
3. Total responsibility for documentation, training, and communications.

4. The possibility of continual presence of Dutch managers and specialists in the offshore operations to assure the optimum of information transfer, training, quality assurance, and responsiveness.
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