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Structure and Operations

MBS-NL is headquartered in Leiden, Zuid Holland, where all Dutch operations are performed: Client Relations, Documentation & Training Materials, Project Management including Reporting & Metrics, Marketing, Sales, and Finance.

MBS-NL is a representative of MBS Ltd. company with major facilities in Kharkov, Ukraine.  In addition to primary operations and technical research, this facility is tasked with local Project Management, Vendor Relations & Resource Management, in-line Quality Assurance, and Academic Relations. (The latter is important because of close cooperation with the national universities: we share resources and research, and provide jobs for a number of the most prominent graduates, whom we carefully select from thousands available.)


Our People

We feel our people in both locations are the best there are: proven long-term senior executives, highly accomplished technical professionals, experienced managers and leads, as well as enthusiastic, well-trained operators building a career on merit. But we donít let it stop there, we keep "stirring the soup." Continual movement of people of all levels and specialties between the Netherlands and Ukrainian operations assures the spread of understanding and ideas throughout the company, and demonstrates to everyone our loyalty to our people. There is no " us/them" in MBS: regardless of where they live, our people work together toward a common set of goals because they are all part of the same company: MBS.


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