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MBS-NL is headquartered in Leiden, NL at:

Post Address

KvK Leiden

+31 (0) 71 576 7796
+31 (0) 71 523 0395

Technology, industry, and commerce are the heart, soul, and lifeblood of Kharkov, Ukraine. As the main transportation hub for 400 years between Europe, Russia, Caucasus, and Central Asia, the city is a center of the heavy machinery, light industry, aerospace, energy, pharmaceutical, chemical, banking, trade, and high-technology industries. Kharkov boasts hundreds of leading enterprises large and small, including such as Hartron (aerospace, nuclear, and electronics) and TurboAtom (advanced turbine technology). Supporting this commercial base are more than 180 research institutes  and five of the most prestigious universities in eastern Europe. The key technical, educational, and commercial center of the West’s  youngest and most enthusiastic democracy, Kharkov is the ideal spot for our European headquarters.

When Special Policy of Investment Activities (SPIA) in Kharkov was being developed, it included nearly everything the city has as its priority sectors

Our R&D center is located:

Street Address

18 Korolenko St.,
Apartment 6,
Kharkov, 61003


+38 (057) 764 4103
+38 (057) 731 1065
+38 (057) 714 2996

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