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MBS-NL's Standard Methodology:

Development Process

MBS-NL standard development process is based on RUP and MSF.  For each customer the process is reassessed and can be tailored to meet particular requirements and limitations set forth by the client, however in general its main flow remains unchanged.  For some customers, who are willing to be involved into agile software development, a custom agile methodology based on SCRUM can be used. 

MBS-NL approach to project implementation is to use iterative development.  We distinguish for major phases for development Initiation, Elaboration, Construction and Deployment.  Each phase may consist of several iterations but for most projects only construction phase is broken into 3 or 4 iterations. 

  • Initiation

During the initiation phase the work preceding the launch of the project is carried out.  This work requires close collaboration between MBS-NL and the Customer in defining or refining the goals of the project and the Customer’s business requirements.  Reconciliation of business and IT priorities is very important at this stage and it is crucial that the both MBS-NL and the customer will have a clear understanding of what and how should be developed.  Another important activity will be defining risks. 

  •  Elaboration

During the elaboration phase, the team turns the business requirements into specific technical requirements which will serve as the basis for software development.  All necessary requirements documents are created in close collaboration with the customer.  This mode of work allows MBS-NL to deliver the product that solves the customer’s problems and meets their needs. To ensure identical understanding of the system a number of prototypes is developed and submitted for review by the customer.

  • Construction

This phase this phase will convert requirements into software code.  Even though the completed and tested software is expected as the result of phase’s implementation,   close interaction with the customer is very important. Several intermediate versions of the product are released to let the customer see how the product is being developed and, if necessary, to initiate some changes as early as possible. 

  • Deployment

During this phase the product is handed over to the customer and after a period of acceptance the project is considered completed.  After this phase a period of post project support begins. 


Your company can start from the appropriate step within this cycle
depending on your wish.

Wherever you are in the cycle, MBS-NL can help you win.

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