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Security and Confidentiality (customer care)

MBS-NL understands all security and confidentiality concerns of managers – you want to be certain that your information is kept secure and none of your strategies will be revealed to anyone. We address these issues on several levels:


1) SAS 70 – We are ready to invite a SAS 70 audit at any time
2) IP – You keep the intellectual property of all systems that MBS-NL develops for you
3) Jurisdiction – MBS-NL is registered in Leiden, NL, CA
4) Independence – MBS-NL has no investments in any hedge fund
5) References – MBS-NL can provide you with references from our partners and clients
6) Insurance – MBS-NL has general liability insurance


1) Familiarization – We can start with a small, non-critical project so you can familiarize yourselves with MBS-NL
2) Segregation – In most projects it is possible to separate the software and data – many of MBS-NL’s clients follow this route, which are recommended. The model followed is that MBS-NL only deals with forms, algorithms and fake data, and not with the actual trades or models. The final testing and deployment and data population takes place on the client's premises and is handled by internal staff


After a level of trust is established, confidential information may be transmitted between MBS-NL and the client. There are technical measures that are taken to ensure the security of this information:
1) Secure VPNs (virtual private networks)
2) Redundant servers and data storage (provided by MBS-NL by default)
3) Sensitive data kept in Leiden, NL, CA
4) MBS-NL’s policies and infrastructure controlling employees' actions
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