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Telecom Expense Management System


Add-ins designed to enhance the performance and capabilities of the Payment Management system were designed and developed.† The main purpose of the project was to allow the system to process EDI invoices automatically, and to perform identification and data capture of scanned hard copies of invoices.†


The customer is a US telecom company providing services in management and payment of telecom bills. Among customers, using their services are Gartner Group, AIG Technologies, McDonald's, John Deere, Pepsi Americas, Ahold, American General, Ashland, Broadcom, IndyMac Bank, Ernst & Young, Olympus America, SAIC, Starbucks.

Product Features

  • Utilization of database for parsing EDI files
  • XSL templates
  • Implementation of vendor specific rules
  • Flexible identification of the documents
  • Form based data capture
  • Customized interface for every client
  • Extensive reporting facilities
  • Order confirmation by email

The add-ins provide the following services:
e-Media extractor
  • Processing vendor EDI files to extract the necessary financial data
  • Using SSIS provides a better performance when converting files
  • XSLT style sheets allow easy changes in case vendorís specification alters
OCR Engine
  • Introducing of the engine brings a higher level of automation to processing of scanned hard copies of forms and bills
  • Utilization of RecoStar engine allowed making a robust and scalable core application to perform different tasks requiring OCR
  • Form-based identification service allows to identify the document by its features
  • Data Capture service allows to capture all the necessary data from various media

Tools and Technologies

Platform: MS Windows
Database: MS SQL Server
Languages: C#
Technologies: .NET, SSIS, XML, RecoStar
Performance: 1,000 concurrent users

Effort: 80 man-months
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