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Data Processing:

We offer high quality, cost-effective data entry and information processing services suited to high volume data entry applications such as database compilations, claim and invoice processing, electronic publication, investigators’ reports, etc; as well as to low-volume specialized applications including antique manuscript, woodblock printing, and handwritten historical document conversion.

MBS-NL company specializes in data entry and information processing. All our employees are skilled and experienced in providing a variety of data-entry services such as word processing, typing, data recognizing and keying, electronic data processing.

Our Data-Entry services:

Input Formats:

  • Digital images including .tif, .jpg, .pdf, .igs, etc.
  • Word processing formats such as WinWord, WordPerfect, Textra, etc.
  • Electronic formats such as HTLM, .xls, .xlm,  EDI, etc.
  • CAD-based formats including .dwg, .dxf, .dc2, etc.
  • Microfilm/microfiche
  • Client proprietary data-entry/data processing formats of virtually any kind
  • Hardcopy by special arrangement: files, books, manuscripts, letters, etc.
  • Data extraction and input
  • Data conversion (ie image>text, CAD>word processor, etc)
  • OCR;
  • Microfilm Conversion / Data Extraction;
  • Surveys Questionnaires;
  • Financial Data – OCR / Data Entry to Text;
  • Processing XML input (files);
  • Document Coding;
  • Invoice Processing;
  • Writing User/Technical Manuals.

We can input data from different sources such as:

  • Dictionary, Manuals, Encyclopedia etc;
  • Surveys;
  • Questionnaires;
  • Index Cards;
  • Quest/Customer comment cards, etc.

We can provide output in a wide range of format such as:

  • DB SQL statements ;
  • Excel Format;
  • Word Format;
  • Text Format;
  • Binary;
  • HTML Format, etc.

Contact Center:

MBS-NL  introducing contact center services. Contact centers understand the importance of good customer service to the success of their operations. Personal communication and collaboration with the clients, understanding of their desires and thoughts is the part of success and development. To transfer a huge amount of information, to communicate with the customers, answer all their questions, help them; to provide effective feedback are not easy tasks. You have to be ALWAYS pleasant, cheerful, happy, open-minded, kind and polite! Our contact-center representatives will help you to achieve success and return from their investment. . .

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Software Development and Custom Programming

The core essense of our business is custom software development service, programming custom multi-platform software for clients. Our particular approach to working with our clients and to managing software development process helps us deliver powerful, reliable software that solves your particular needs.

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