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Contact Center:

MBS-NL is introducing contact center services. Every operator of MBS-NL's contact center understands the importance of good customer service to the success of their operations. To transfer a huge amount of information, to communicate with the customers, answer all their questions, help them; to provide effective feedback are not easy tasks. You have to be ALWAYS pleasant, cheerful, open-minded, kind and polite! Our contact-center representatives will help you to achieve success and return from their investment by providing customer service support 24 hours per day, and dispatching service and technical support personnel according to your escalation protocol.
Contact Center representatives quickly solve the issues and satisfy the most difficult requests.

Support Contact Center Services:

  • Getting necessary information via phone: telecom expense management (arrangement of payment dates, submission of requests for missing invoices and other documents), BLA as its part;
  • Manual recognition of unstructured information on invoice and other documents images;
  • Providing analysis of unstructured information on invoice images;
  • Contacting vendors via: phone, email, fax, IM;
  • Following up with the client on outstanding items;
  • Customer care hotline.

Job verification process:

  • All the calls are recorded to improve the service and check up the work;
  • All the tasks are verified by the supervisors and managers;
  • Each call is controlled to be answered and every customer is controlled to be called back.

The requests of the customers are recorded and implemented then.

Software Development and Custom Programming

The core essense of our business is custom software development service, programming custom multi-platform software for clients. Our particular approach to working with our clients and to managing software development process helps us deliver powerful, reliable software that solves your particular needs.

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Data Processing:

We offer high quality, cost-effective data entry services ideally suited to high volume data entry applications such as database compilations, claim and file processing, electronic publication, etc.

MBS-NL company specializes in data entry and information processing. All our employees are skilled and experienced. We offer a variety of data-entry services such as word processing, typing, data recognizing and keying, electronic data processing.

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